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M is for Magic


It’s confession time – I don’t like magic.

In fact, I hate it when I can’t work out how a trick has been done. My husband finds it hilarious and will usually watch me to see my reaction instead of the trick!

But when I saw that Adam had created a tableau deck of cards that he wasn’t using for Magic week, I had a brainwave, I could make a card trick from it!

@greenynorfolk designed a deck of cards in Tableau but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it…I had a brainwave!

The Viz

The dashboard(s) themselves are pretty straightforward. Adam had done the hard work for me by creating the cards.

I wanted the dashboard to look like a table that a magician would use for a card trick, so I layered up the cards on a green felt background and added the step-by-step instructions. I added navigation buttons that I’d created in PowerPoint and duplicated the dashboard (make sure you’ve added everything you want before you start duplicating or you’ll spend ages lining buttons, text and charts up!)

The first dashboard was created by floating the cards on top of a green felt background and then adding the instructions and navigation button.

Now, if you want to see how the trick works, you can download the viz and read all about it here.

But if you’d rather just enjoy the magic, why not go ahead and pick another card!

What’s next?

I get to pick the next topic and after a week of scorching temperatures in the UK, I’ve picked…

N is for the North Pole

Keep your eyes peeled for what Adam’s creation on his Tableau Public profile and blog next week.


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