The Alphabet Project

F is for Fireworks


On a cold, clear night in November the bonfire crackled and popped, my sister and I had just finished the toffee apples that we’d had to beg for and the firework display was about to begin. I can still see the glow on my dad’s face as the bright lights erupted in the sky and I can still feel the thumps in my chest as the rockets detonated above us.

Those are some of my fondest memories from my childhood.

My Viz

As it turns out, there’s not a huge amount of data about fireworks that don’t involve numbers of injuries or mortalities…and I didn’t want to taint my fond memories with this morbidity.

Instead, after several hours of searching, I found some fact sheets from the American Pyrotechnic Association – phew! I could finally start building!

You can probably tell by now that I love a dual axis lollipop chart with a variation on the traditional circle at the end of the bar, so you won’t be surprised that that’s exactly what I went for with this chart! I’m quite pleased with the effect to tell the truth, the gold and silver sparklers remind me of frantically trying to write my name before the L disappeared. Needless to say, I often did better than my friend Catherine!

I threw in a few BANs for good measure and played with the colours to look like exploding rockets against a dark night sky.

I hope you like it!

What’s next? 

Next week it’s letter G and it’s Adam‘s choice. Make sure you check his blog and viz next week!

And if you can’t wait until then, do check out his past #AlphabetProject vizzes on Tableau Public.

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